World Coal Association responds to the IEAs 2019 World Energy Outlook

World Coal Association

14 Nov 2019

Responding to the recent publication of the IEAs 2019 World Energy Outlook, Michelle Manook, Chief Executive of the World Coal Association (WCA) said:

The World Coal Association calls on all energy stakeholders to work together to mobilise investment and cooperation to build pathways to net zero emissions.

The World Energy Outlook 2019, alongside the recently published Southeast Asia Energy Outlook, is a reminder from the International Energy Agency that any credible energy and climate policy must focus on all fuels and technologies. The Outlook forecasts that coal will remain the most significant contributor in global energy supply, particularly in developing economies in South and Southeast Asia.

Reliable, stable electricity grids are vital to supporting the development of industries, businesses and public services that are the foundations of modern societies. Alongside this, coal is key to the materials the steel, cement, concrete that are used to build our societies.

This is the reason so many countries choose coal, in particular governments across Asia, as it is key to building economies. It is essential that these countries are supported to use coal cleanly.

Coal technologies are available today that can either significantly reduce or eliminate CO2 emissions and, of equal importance, eliminate the emissions that contribute to air quality issues.

World Coal Association members have demonstrated their commitment to innovation and are actively working with governments, industry and investors to deliver the zero emission pathway. As Dr Fatih Birol emphasised, a grand coalition” is needed to ensure that this can be achieved.

We need a pragmatic, solution-focused and agnostic mindset if we are to achieve our global economic and environment aspirations.”

The 2019 World Energy Outlook is available here.