Turkey in Focus

World Coal Association

24 May 2019

In the second of our snapshot series exploring coals role in countries across the globe, we take a look at Turkey a transcontinental country with around 82 million people and a rapidly expanding economy.

Key energy facts

  • Turkey is the 18th largest energy consumer in the world.
  • According to the IEA, the countrys total primary energy supply (TPES) is 31% oil, 28.1% coal, 28.1% natural gas, 4.2% hydro, 6.3% geothermal, 2.3% biofuels and waste.
  • Fossil fuels account for over 87% of the countrys energy mix.

Electricity outlook

  • Last year, Turkeys electricity generation by source was 36.8% coal, 29.8% natural gas and 32.9% renewables.
  • Coal was the largest single source for power generation.

Coal capacity and forecasts

  • Turkey is the biggest user of coal-fired power among countries in the Middle East, with the capacity of existing plants estimated to be 18.5 GW.
  • Coal demand in Turkey is projected to rise at an average annual rate of 3.3% to 2023. Coal production is also projected to increase from 22 to 28 Mtce (Megatons of Coal Equivalent) through to 2023.

Climate policies and environmental issues

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