Our mission

The world still needs coal not only is coal the affordable choice for energy in many markets, but it remains the only viable choice for critical industries. Coal will continue to be a vital ingredient and key for industries, including steel and cement, the building blocks of our societies.

With countries around the world having to make energy choices looking at security, reliability, affordability, supporting growth and being clean our industry needs to deliver.

We have met innovation challenges before and will do so again. This is the responsibility of every company across the coal value chain. By working together, we can advance clean coal technologies and build a sustainable future for coal.

The World Coal Association wants to lead a conversation representing a modern coal value chain, leading innovation, and supporting global economic and environmental goals. If you are working with a World Coal Association member company, you are working with a responsible coal player committed to the clean transition.

Our members

WCA membership is made up of global corporate companies and not-for-profits with a stake in the future of coal. We represent the full coal value chain across the globe with the belief that we are, as an industry, stronger together.

Membership benefits

The WCA seeks to challenge, demonstrate, and unite on behalf of our membership.

  • We lead the conversation in demonstrating coals essential contribution to the world and support the rights of all markets to choose coal.
  • We promote investment in coal mining and clean coal technologies in developed and developing economies to deliver the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
  • We demonstrate a commitment to a low emission future and work with governments and investors to create a level playing field policy framework.
  • As a collective, we work to motivate and mobilise our industry, uniting to build a sustainable future for the coal industry.
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Stakeholder engagement programme

We have an active stakeholder engagement programme and hold strong relationships with key organisations that influence debates about international energy and environment policy.  Our relationships with government and policy makers in China, India, USA, Australia, Japan, Indonesia, amongst others, are key to advocating for coal in international forums, particularly in those markets that continue to produce or use coal.

 Advocating for & supporting innovation

WCA works with members and countries to support the deployment of clean coal technology and advancing technologies. We represent the global coal industry and support our members in the challenges and opportunities they face. We have built an international profile with signatory, member, and observer status with a range of groups, including the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, International Council on Mining and Metals and UN Global Compact.