21st Century Coal: Opportunities and Solutions

World Coal Association

4 Nov 2019

The World Coal Association (WCA) is holding a one-day conference in Poland, exploring coal trends and the latest developments across both low-emission coal and mining technologies.

Being held this week, the ‘21st Century Coal: Opportunities and Solutions event will bring together a range of experts and policymakers from different countries, organisations, governments and companies.

Poland, the host country, sits as the largest coal producer in the European Union. Given that coal is also positioned as the nations most important primary energy fuel, providing around 80% of its electricity and acting as a major employer, a discussion around how existing policies will impact European countries and industries is timely.

Meanwhile, disruptive technologies are continuing to transform the everyday practices and operations of the global mining sector across areas including safety, efficiency, extraction and sustainability. The event will focus on cutting-edge innovations that will pave the way to the mines of the future.

Alongside its ongoing role in power generation emphasised by the recent International Energy Agency report on Southeast Asias Energy Outlook, coal will continue to be essential in infrastructure development, concrete production and for many other processes in the coming decades.

However, if global climate targets are to be met, the large-scale deployment of low emission coal technologies will be needed. The conference will consider the latest global innovations and insights around the development of these advanced solutions and their future application.

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The World Coal Association is the only body that represents the coal industry at the global level, incorporating many of the worlds largest coal producing and allied companies, alongside national associations. Our mission is to demonstrate and gain acceptance for the fundamental role coal plays in achieving a sustainable and low emission energy future.