2019 World Energy Outlook: A tale of all fuels and technologies

World Coal Association

3 Dec 2019

Ahead of the start of COP25 in Madrid, the World Coal Association issued the following statement:

  • The World Coal Association (WCA) has responded positively to the Paris Agreement, seeing it as an opportunity to renew commitments to financing low emission technologies. Transitioning to clean energy does not mean a transition away from coal. It means transitioning to technologies that can achieve zero emissions, such as carbon capture, use and storage (CCUS).
  • Many countries have identified high efficiency low emissions (HELE) coal technologies as part of their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) in the Paris Agreement; while some countries have also included a role for CCUS technology. Most of these countries are developing and emerging economies that have to meet their growing energy needs, ensure energy access, and reduce emissions.
  • These technologies are critical to achieving global climate aspirations. In the International Energy Agencys (IEA) most recent Stated Policies Scenario, which incorporates all of the climate pledges announced by governments, coal is predicted to still generate 25% of the worlds electricity in 2040. 70% of world steel production is reliant on coal and it is widely used as a source of energy in the cement industry.
  • Given the continued role of coal, WCA has been clear that technology and innovation are critical in driving down emissions and ensuring that energy and climate change challenges are addressed as integrated priorities. It is essential that we see responsible investment, development and deployment of clean fossil fuel technologies including coal.
  • Technology is the most significant catalyst to achieving our environmental aspirations. This is a multi-faceted goal and requires a balanced and collaborative response from governments, investors and industry.
  • At COP25, WCA will continue to advocate for policy parity for all low emission technologies, including HELE coal and CCUS, alongside calling for greater action on CCUS. The deployment of these technologies will be key to the success of the Paris Agreement and to the clean energy transition.


About the World Coal Association

The World Coal Association is the only body that represents the coal industry at the global level. WCAs membership is international in nature, covering all major coal regions and incorporating many of the worlds largest coal producing and allied companies, alongside national associations.

WCA works to secure the long-term sustainability of the coal sector, bringing together stakeholders to help the industry respond to the challenges it faces, encouraging innovation and supporting members to be industry leaders.

WCA has represented the coal industry at the annual UN Conferences of the Parties to the Framework Convention on Climate Change since its inception.

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